Blackburn Dayblazer 1500 front and Dayblazer 65 rear light set

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This combo set features Blackburn's brightest front and rear lights in one convenient package. In addition to lighting the way at night, the Dayblazer 1500 front and Dayblazer 65 rear light also features BLITZ daytime running mode for additional safety at all hours. These lights are bright enough to help you be seen during the day time, and of course, provide plenty of power for night rides.

The universal action-camera style mount fits most helmets and handlebars, while the rear light easily attaches to your seatpost or saddle bag.

  • Recharge time: 5 hours (front) 2 hours (rear)
  • Water and dust resistance: meets IP67 standard
  • Charging: lights charge via Micro-USB, so you'll never have to use disposable batteries again! 

Blitz mode (front): 2 hours at 1,500 lumens
High mode (front): 3 hours at 750 lumens
Low mode (front): 6 hours at 400 lumens
Pulse mode (front): 10 hours at 270 lumens
Strobe mode (front): 15 hours at 120 lumens
Solid mode (rear): 1.6 hours at 50 lumens
High flash/Strobe mode (rear): 3 hours at 65 lumens
Low mode (rear): 6 hours at 35 lumens
Group Ride mode (rear): 20-25 hours at 3 lumens

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