eBike assembly at hundreds of bike shops nationwide

Some riders need a little extra help assembling their new eBike. While many riders assemble their own bikes, Bike.com has partnered with leading bicycle retailers, scheduled with Beeline Connect software, to offer professional assembly options for riders who prefer assistance from a trained expert for a fee.

Denago eBikes professional assembly options

With a network of hundreds of bike shops across the United States, there's assembly help available near you!

How it works

Adding professional assembly to your order is fast and easy.

  1. Choose the "professional assembly" option during checkout on Bike.com.
  2. Select a partner bike shop near you.
  3. We will ship your new bicycle from our warehouse to the local bicycle shop, where a professional mechanic will assemble the bike and install any accessories you ordered (additional fee may apply).
  4. Your local shop will receive your bike, assemble, and tune it.
  5. Pick your new bike up at the shop (some even offer home/office delivery!) 

    Check to see if professional assembly is available in your area

    Frequently asked questions about assembly

    Q: Is there a fee for this service?
    A: Yes, a fee for assembly applies. Select the "professional assembly" option during checkout on Bike.com to see your options.

    Q: Is this service required?
    A: No, professional assembly is optional. If you prefer do-it-yourself assembly, Denago ebikes include the required tools for DIY work at no charge.

    Q: Is professional assembly available in my area?
    A: Likely yes. There are a few zip codes that aren't covered, but the vast majority of metro areas have a professional assembly option from a trained bike shop.

    Q: Can I have an assembled bike delivered to my home or office?
    A: Yes, in some markets. In addition to store pickup, some participating bike shops also offer delivery to your home or office. If this option is available in your area, you'll see it during checkout.

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