Collection: eBikes with torque sensors

EBikes equipped with torque sensors respond to your pedaling input, providing the most natural feel. Just cruising? An eBike with a torque sensor will provide minimal assist from the electric motor. Want more assistance? Pedal harder, and the motor will respond with more torque. Although eBikes with torque sensors can cost more than those equipped with cadence sensors, for some riders, the trade-off is worth it. Learn more about the pros and cons of torque sensors and cadence sensors, and how to choose between them.
  • Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBike
    • 4" wide fat tires Incredible traction and comfort from the extra-wide tires.
    • Extended-range battery Extended 921.6 Wh battery with premium LG 21700-series cells.
    • Torque sensor Responds to rider input for the most natural pedaling feel.
    • Color LCD display High-resolution color digital display.
    • Designed in Texas Backed by our USA-based support team.
    • Hydraulic disc brakes With oversized rotors for huge braking power.
    • Class III eBike Up to 28 MPH on pedal assist, 20 MPH on throttle
    • Step-thru frame Ultra-low standover height.
    • Wide, padded saddle Ride in comfort.
    • Heavy-duty kickstand No additional charge.
    • Bafang rear hub motor 750 watts of power.
    • Locking battery For additional security.

    starting at $1,999.00

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