Muc-Off eBike Clean, Protect, Lube Kit

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Keep your eBike running smooth and efficiently with this clean, protect, lube kit from industry leader Muc-Off. It's built specifically to handle the unique demands placed on eBikes. 

Kit includes:

  • Muc-Off eBike All-Weather chain lube, 50ml. Specifically formulated for long-distance, all-weather, on and off-road eBikes. High-performance synthetic formula helps enhance chain life.
  • Muc-Off Nano Tech cleaner, 1 Liter. Give your bike a beautiful clean and shine. Safe for all parts and surfaces including carbon fiber, won't harm seals, cables, brake pads, or rotors. This biodegradeable formula cleans on a molecular lever and is free from CFCs, solvent, and acid
  • MO-94, 400ml. MO-94 provides light lubrication for moving parts, and can free seized parts. Disperses moisture, which prevents rust and corrosion, while also preventing dirt from sticking to your eBike. Like the Nano Tech cleaner, it is biodegradable. 
  • Finally, there's an expanding Microcell sponge to gently wipe away grit and grime.


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