Saris MHS 2+1 Receiver Base 2" Hitch

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Saris' new MHS (Modular Hitch System) sets new standards for strength, stability, and reliability in hitch-mount bicycle carriers. This version, the MHS Base 2+1 2" Hitch, is ideal for riders who want to primarily carry two bikes, with the flexibility to add the ability to carry a third bike as needed in the future. This version of the MHS base requires a 2" receiver hitch and cannot be used with the 1 1/4" type.

* this item is only the base portion. Add optional bike tray(s) for each bike you want to carry on the MHS. This allows you to upgrade or swap equipment as your needs change.

Benefits of the MHS system

  • trays can easily and quickly be added or removed to the MHS base as your requirements change


  • the MHS Base 2+1 works on 2" hitches only
  • The MHS Base 2+1 is a little longer and heavier than the MHS 1+1 base, but gains the capability to handle a 3rd bike

Adding bike trays to the MHS Base 2+1 2" Hitch

  • Want to carry one bike? Add a Saris Duo 1 bike tray and you're all set.
  • Want to carry two bikes? Add qty 2 Saris Duo 1 bike trays.
  • Want to carry three bikes? Add qty 2 Saris Duo 1 bike trays, plus a Duo 1 bike add-on. 


  • Tilting capability allows you to have access to your trunk or hatchback without removing bikes from the rack.
  • Integrated locks keep the MHS secure
  • Hitch Tighter system for a rock-solid connection to the hitch


  • Allows you to add future accessories built for the MHS system to go beyond bikes

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