8 reasons to ride eBikes with Mom on Mother’s Day

8 reasons to ride eBikes with Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Traditional Mother’s Day activities include having brunch or dinner with mom, exploring local attractions such as the zoo or gardens, taking a hike in a park, or getting out for a family paddle or boat ride. 

Biking is another favorite activity for Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day instead of just pedaling with your own power and wearing mom out, you may consider planning an eBike ride with your mom! Electric bikes are great fun. Mom might like a Denago eBike from Bike.com, or if you just want a trial run, many local shops rent eBikes too! Here are 8 reasons to ride eBikes with Mom this Mother’s Day:

#1: eBikes are for every fitness level

eBikes allow individuals of almost any fitness level to get out and pedal. If you encourage your mom to go on a bike ride that is solely pedal powered, it may be difficult or short because you or your mom or another family member are out of shape. If you take an eBike on your Mother’s Day ride, the level of assistance and speed of your ride can easily be adjusted to make the ride comfortable for everyone, no matter what their fitness level may be. 

#2: eBikes are easy on the body

Aches and pains come with age, If your mom has a bum knee or hip issues pedaling a bike can be a literal pain. An eBike allows one to ride with ease with multiple levels of pedal assist. Some eBikes even have a throttle that allows riders to go without pedaling at all. Many eBikes are also available with a step-through frame option for riders with a limited range of motion that may not be able to comfortably swing their leg up and over a traditional bike frame. 

Ailments that are irritated by a pedaling motion and the effort required on a normal pedal bike, may not be an issue on an eBike. That is why they are great for riding with Mom this Mother’s Day!

#3: eBikes allow you to go further and faster (even with a load)

If you want to visit the Sunday morning farmer’s market, have brunch, check out the spring gardens, and hit up the Mother’s Day fair or concert in the park on the opposite side of town with mom this Mother’s Day you may think your car is the only option to cover the distance. Typically, there would not be enough time to enjoy each stop or the ability to carry your goods from one location to the next. 

Electric bikes allow you to go between places faster than you can pedal on a non-electric bike. Many eBikes go 15-20mph. Some even have the ability to go 28mph. This makes travel time with an eBike comparable to driving from place to place on most roads in town. 

eBikes make it easier to haul a load too. Many eBikes have the ability to carry 200-300 lbs. They can be fit with bags and racks to carry gear, groceries, or gifts. Many eBikes already include a rack. Handlebar bags and panniers often are used to increase the carrying capacity of an eBike. If you stop at the farmer’s market and purchase some produce or honey and then head to brunch with the rest of the family, it should be easy enough to tote your goods around. If Mom finds a couple of items at the craft fair, unless they are massive, you should be able to take them home by eBike with little issue. 

eBikes are excellent for going places you might typically drive a car to. They can reach higher speeds to make it between distances quickly and efficiently. They allow you to carry a load between destinations if necessary. They also allow you to cover distances you and your mom wouldn’t dream of covering in a day on a traditional pedal bike, this Mother’s Day!

#4: eBikes can take you on adventures outside 

eBikes are a great way to get outside! If you are looking for a new outdoor activity to try with your mom then eBiking might be for you. eBikes are often equipped with lights (and if not, they’re easy to add), so you can get out any time of day. They can come with tires that allow you to ride on dirt or pavement. There are even electric mountain bikes and fat tire eBikes. These are great those that want to take their mom on singletrack or across sandy beaches, during their Mother’s Day eBike adventures.

eBikes can take you and your mom many places outdoors this Mother’s Day. They allow you to minimize the resistance of headwinds and crosswinds that can impact rides on a bike without assistance too, making for a more enjoyable experience for Mom and yourself.  

#5: eBikes are sustainable

Sustainability and the ability to be eco-friendly to minimize our human impact on planet Earth is a concern to many these days. If your Mom is concerned about her environmental impact then eBiking is a great activity to introduce her to this Mother’s Day! 

eBikes do not release emissions into the air like most cars do. They have electric motors and batteries that power them and provide assistance to riders. Bicycles are made up of much less in terms of materials and parts than cars, as well. If you are looking for a way to make your Mother’s Day sustainable then eBiking is a great way to do so!

#6: eBikes are easy to operate

Most eBikes are extremely easy to use and operate. This makes them convenient to ride and own. Most eBikes have pedal assist. There can be numerous levels of assistance on an eBike, so riders can decide how much help they want from the electric motor. Some eBikes also have a throttle function too. It’s easy to go between levels of assistance with the push of a button or push of a lever  on throttle-equipped eBikes.

Other aspects of most eBikes are simple to understand and use too. Many eBikes have lights operated by the push of a button. Often LED light indicators are used to show how much battery life is left in the bike. Many eBikes have digital displays to show your speed, distance covered, and the range left in the bike. 

You do not want to make things stressful and complicated for your mom on Mother’s Day. eBikes are a great way to keep things simple and introduce her to a new activity in the process! 

#7: eBikes are fun

People that ride eBikes of any kind describe them as fun and enjoyable. They are fun because they are comfortable and can accomodate body types and abilities of a wide range. They allow you to get outside and explore with ease and little frustration. They can be used to go place to place too! If you are in search of a fun activity to do with your mom then riding an eBike is a great option. 

#8: eBikes make great gifts

An eBike ride with mom this Mother’s Day may be the way to introduce her to her gift, if you choose to give her an eBike instead of flowers or candy this Mother’s Day. Of course eBikes can be rented at most bike shops these days, but if you are in search of a gift for Mom and want to go above and beyond, an eBike is an excellent option.

eBikes are practical for people of all types. They are great for commuting to work on. They have the ability to carry a load, such as groceries, or goods from the local farmer’s market. They are a sustainable transportation option and fairly simple to operate. Your mom will likely find more uses for an eBike than you could ever imagine. They are very practical, which is why they make great gifts. 


Riding an eBike is a great activity to do with almost any Mom this Mother’s Day. Moms that are environmentally conscious will love it. Moms that want to get outside and explore the town at a reasonable pace without too much effort will be enthralled with riding. If you have a mom that has everything but not an eBike, then an eBike as a gift and ride to introduce her to her new ride will surely make her day. EBikes are a blast that's all the reason you need to ride an eBike this Mother’s Day with your mom!

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