Basic eBike maintenance anyone can do

Basic eBike maintenance anyone can do

To get the most out of your eBike and extend its lifespan, you should service and maintain it regularly. While advanced repairs might require the attention of a trained technician or bike shop, there are also some basics that anyone can handle without special tools. 

Let’s take a look at some basic service and maintenance tips that can help keep your eBike running great.

Monitor braking performance

Before riding, perform a quick safety check, which should always include checking for brake function. EBikes are heavier and faster than traditional “analog” bikes, which means the brakes work harder to slow you down. That can wear brake pads and rotors out faster. 

Make a note if your eBike starts requiring more hand pressure to slow down and stop, or if the brake lever has more travel before the brakes engage. These might be signs it’s time to have an expert inspect and replace the brake pads or rotors.

Keep it clean

Wipe the frame, handlebar, grips, crankset, and cable housings with a damp cloth. You can use some dish soap as a basic degreaser for dirtier jobs as needed. Polish with a dry cloth when finished to keep it looking great. 

When cleaning your eBike, avoid the hose, and never pressure wash. These approaches can force water or grit into bearings and electric components.

In the event you do require more advanced repairs, your technician will appreciate working on a clean bike.

Protect electrical components

Your eBike is a precision instrument. When riding in bad weather, make sure that grit or debris doesn’t accumulate on electrical connectors or plugs. If so, remove it before connecting. Pay special attention to the connector between the removable battery, where it connects to the bike, which is exposed when the battery is removed.

Dialetic grease, which is safe for electrical components, can be used as a preventative measure as needed. You can apply it where two electrical components plug together. Check the connectors for the rear hub motor, display, and throttle.

Proper eBike tire pressure

One of the easiest ways to protect your wheels (rims, spokes, and hubs) is to maintain proper tire pressure. You’ll find the recommended tire pressure printed on the tire sidewall. 

Under-inflated tires are more susceptible to punctures (flat tires) and wear. Keep your tires inflated within the indicated range.

Avoid using gas stations to inflate your tires except in case of emergency. These are designed for automobile tires with much higher air volume. You should use a floor pump to inflate your tires, which are designed specifically for bicycle use.

All bicycle tires will lose some air over time - this doesn’t mean that you have a flat tire or defect. It’s normal to have to top them up on a regular basis to maintain proper tire pressure.

Keep it indoors

Whenever possible, store your eBike indoors. While some outdoor parking is inevitable, consistent exposure to bad weather increases the risk of corrosion and premature wear. If you’re forced to park outside in freezing temperatures, remove your eBike battery and bring it indoors with you.

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