eBikes and RV's - a perfect match?

eBikes and RV's - a perfect match?

Many riders are discovering that eBikes and recreational vehicles (RVs) seem to be made for one another. Why are eBikes becoming so popular for RV owners? There are a few reasons that eBikes and RVs go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

EBikes are ideal for getting around once you park your RV

Driving larger Class A recreational vehicles for errands is less than ideal - they can be difficult to park and you have to completely remove hook-ups, close any awnings or pop-outs, and pack up all your stuff before you can drive.

Occasionally, you’ll see Class A RVs towing a small car for this reason - drivers park the RV, hook up, and then detach the small car to use for getting into town or running errands.

Bring your eBikes instead and you can leave the car at home! Park and hookup the RV, then use your eBikes to explore the campground or get into town. You’ll reduce wear and tear while saving fuel, too.

EBikes are easy to charge on the road when you’ve got an RV

Many RV owners prefer to stay in locations where there are hookups for water and electricity. Keeping your eBike charged up is easy when there’s a ready electrical supply and standard outlets on the RV. 

The newer breed of “off-grid” RVs pack solar panels and batteries for users who prefer not to be constrained by hookups. Users of off-grid RVs can still keep eBikes charged up in remote locations by making use of the inverters commonly included with this type of vehicle.

How to carry your eBike on your RV

Before shopping, you should note that many rack manufacturers don’t rate their hitch racks for use on RVs. If you plan to use a hitch rack to carry your eBikes, make sure to select one that is specifically labeled for use with recreational vehicles, and be certain that your eBikes also meet any published weight limits for the rack itself.

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