Great places to ride with Mom

Great places to ride with Mom

Riding a bike can be a lot of fun with friends and family members. Riding with your Mom can be especially fun. Today there are so many different types of bikes available for you to ride. There are touring bikes, hybrid bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and even eBikes. EBikes are an excellent option for all types of riders. If your Mom has limitations due to health or fitness conditions, eBikes can be especially beneficial. 

No matter what type of bike you are on, going for a ride with Mom can bring you closer together. It can promote health and fitness. It can be just fun. Here is a list of some great places to take Mom to ride, no matter what your fitness level, or what her goals are. 

Ride bikes with Mom in your local park 

    Your local park may be a great place to take a ride with Mom. Many parks have pathways for riders to get out on. They may wind around ball fields, past gardens, and even along rivers or around lakes in some cases. Many cities have parks that utilize multi-use pathways to share the beauty of the park with others. 

    Some cities situate parks along lakes and rivers or through wetlands. If your park is in a setting like this then you and your Mom may have the opportunity to observe local animals, such as waterfowl. You may get to see fish scavenging for bugs along shorelines, if you stop. You may get to see dragonflies catching mosquitoes in the cattails. 

    Riding a bike with Mom at your local park can be a great way to unwind. It can allow you to get to know the other critters in your community. It can help you and your Mom get a dose of fresh air and become in tune with nature. 

    Take a ride to grab a bite to eat or a drink

      On a beautiful sunny day, taking your Mom on a ride to a local restaurant or coffee shop for a bite to eat or a drink can be enjoyable. You can ride together at a leisurely pace, soaking in the sun. Have a nice meal or drink and then be on your way. 

      Many dining establishments have bike racks that you can lock your bikes to. If you don’t have a lock, and the weather is right, you may choose to sit outdoors, to ensure your bikes are safe during your meal. 

      Bike along the ocean (or another body of water)

        Biking along the ocean can be a very magical experience. If you live near a hard-packed beach, seafront path, or have a bike with wide tires that float over sand, then treat your Mom to a ride on the beach. This is a great idea for riding with Mom on a seaside family getaway, as well. 

        Biking along the ocean is refreshing. The smell of saltwater and coastal layer can be rejuvenating. If you are in the right location at the right time of year you may even consider taking a dip in the sea.

        A few of our favorite beaches to consider biking on with Mom are:

        • New Smyrna Beach in Florida
        • Daytona Beach in Florida
        • Assateague Island in Maryland
        • The beaches of Bandon, Oregon

        The beaches listed are hard-pack at low tide and many bikes can traverse the sand along them, without special modifications. You may get to observe crabs, sand dollars, jelly fish and more along your ride.

        If you do not live by the ocean, there are plenty of rivers and lakes that are beautiful in other parts of the county. Take a ride with your Mom around a local lake or along a river greenway. You may see waterfowl, trout (or other native fish), raptors, and more. 

        Bike to the farmer’s market

          Going out to the farmer’s market is a great place to take Mom. Many towns have weekly or monthly farmer’s markets. These are a great place to take your Mom to, especially by bike. You can bike with Mom there, park your bikes, and explore the market. You may like to grab a hot drink or cinnamon roll (or another treat) to enjoy as you explore the goods. You and your Mom can get fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, baked bread, local eggs, or anything else you might like to enjoy in the coming days. You just need to make sure you have a way of transporting your goods home. 

          Many bikes have the capabilities of utilizing racks and bags to carry goods in. If you have an electric bike, carrying a load of groceries or purchases from a craft fair can be almost effortless. Next time you see a sign for the upcoming farmer’s market you may consider planning a bike ride with your Mom to check it out!

          Pedal between stores or to the mall, on your next mother/daughter shopping trip

            Do you have a shopping trip planned with your Mom soon? You should consider taking your bikes to get from shop to shop. Just like going to the market, you will want to have bags, racks, or another way to secure anything you buy to your bike. Electric bikes are a great option for rides like this, as well because they can help you carry a load with ease. 

            Biking between shops on a nice day, can give you time to enjoy your time with your Mom. It can also get you and your Mom each a breath of fresh air and dose of vitamin D. Shopping is traditionally an indoor activity. Biking in between the shops you visit can turn shopping into a way to get a little exercise and outside fun too!

            Check out your local rail trail with Mom

              Did you know there are over 2100 rail trails in the United States, alone? These trails follow former railroad routes through forests, valleys, and over mountains. They can range greatly in distance. Some of these trails are great for day rides, others are best for multi-day adventures. 

              Building a nation connected by trails | Rails-to-Trails Conservancy ( is a great resource for finding rail trails in your region. Rail trails often cut through natural landscapes in your region. Climbs rarely reach grades steeper than 2%, thanks to the moderate inclines found in train routes of the past. Rides are easy for most fitness levels making them great to do with Mom. If your Mom is afraid she does not have the stamina to complete a longer ride on a rail trail, you may want to look into an eBike for Mom to use. 

              Taking Mom on a multi-day rail trail adventure, can be loads of fun if you have the time and ability to coordinate lodging or camping on the route. Two favorite multi-day routes to ride with Mom on rail trails of mine are the Mickelson Trail that weaves through the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Elroy-Sparta Trail in Wisconsin. 

              Pedal to a community concert or outdoor theater

                Many communities host local concerts in the park or community weather when the weather is nice. It can be great fun to ride to and from an  event such as one of these with Mom.Outdoor concerts and  theater combined with a bike ride allow you to combine fitness and art into an excursion with Mom.

                Many concerts and theater programs outdoors have parking for cyclists. When I lived in Victor, ID they had secure and checked bike parking because so many people rode to the local "Music on Main" series that took place in the community park. Other communities may offer similar services at their events if they are bike friendly.

                Overall, getting a ride in, before and after enjoying music or a play, can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time with your Mom. Take a look at your community’s calendar and you might be surprised what community events are taking place near you that you can bike to with Mom. 


                Biking is a great activity to do with your Mom. Today there are so many different types of bikes available, including eBikes that make riding with Mom easy and fun for all parties. 

                There are so many places that you can take Mom to ride. This ranges from parks and rail trails to concerts and brunch.  No matter where you live, there are great  places to ride bikes with Mom. A local guide to your hometown may be of great help to you if you are looking for ideas beyond this list, as well. 



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