Top eBike accessories and upgrades

Top eBike accessories and upgrades

If you spend time out on the road or trail you’re sure to see people with all sorts of accessories on their eBikes. These range from the practical - like fenders and mirrors - to more stylistic add-ons, such as tassels on the end of your handlebars (yea they’re mainly for children but it's only the "Fun Police" who says adults can’t have them!)

We’re not going to talk about tassels. What we are going to talk about are the eBike accessories that will actually improve your riding experience. These include add-ons to keep you clean, to keep you comfortable, and, the most important ones, to keep you safe. We’ve split the most popular eBike upgrades, add-ons, and accessories into three categories: safety, practical, and comfort. We’ll also run through why each item is useful and deserving of its place on this list of the top eBike accessories.

Safety eBike Accessories

Without a doubt these eBike accessories are a necessity for every rider, no matter when they ride, how they ride, or how experienced they are.


The number one eBike accessory required by everyone (no exceptions) is a helmet. Whether you’re commuting, riding the boardwalks, riding mountain bike trails, or just pottering about in a field, the contents of your skull are fragile and they are what make you you! Protect them with a good helmet and hope that you’ll never need it. It's not just important for safety, it's also the law in many locations, depending on your age and the type of eBike you're riding. We recommend you wear a helmet whenever you ride, regardless of the requirement to do so.


See and be seen. No eBike should be without lights. They are a necessity for anyone who is riding in the early or late hours of the day but, even if you only ever ride at noon, should be a requirement for everyone. Many modern bicycle lights are actually designed for "daytime visibility", so you can use them 24 hours a day. Lights are available that take disposable batteries, which is fine for occassional use, or you can buy rechargeable systems for repeated, daily use.

Many make a point of turning their lights on every time they ride their eBike, irrelevant of the time of day, as it enhances how visible they are to others.


Many eBike tires, like those on the Denago City 1, have reflective strips on their sidewalls. For those that don’t, and even for those that do, it is beneficial to get spoke reflectors; reflectors that fit onto the spokes of your wheel. Most new eBikes sold include a full set of reflectors by law, and you should install them on your bike. These make you much more visible from the side, the direction in which your light doesn’t shine. Some people will go a step further and put cool, multi or single colored lights in their spokes or on the tire rims, adding safety alongside customization!


Bells are one of the oldest bicycle accessories and they’re still around because of how useful they are! Bells are a highly practical eBike accessory that allow you to alert others of your presence. Some will say that you can use your voice, however a bell is much more efficient, because everyone that hears the ring of an eBike bell knows exactly what it represents. It's good courtesy to ring your bell when passing others.

Practical eBike Accessories

These eBike accessories will enhance your riding experience in many ways. Not all of them are for everyone but most people will find most of them very helpful.


Fenders protect you and your bike from road spray when you're riding in wet conditions, stopping your clothes getting dirty, both on the front and the back. Fenders also help keep your eBike clean with less road grime. If you ride in groups, fenders are also courteous - they prevent your tires from throwing road spray onto riders behind you.

It is advised that you buy fenders made specifically for your eBike, but generic models do exist. Fenders don’t have to be just black, bland, and boring, they can come in a range of styles and finishes to suit your personal style.

eBike Repair Kit

Unfortunately there’s no "AAA" road service for eBikes but most incidents that occur can be fixed by the side of the trail. These kits often come in small bags that can be Velcro-ed to the frame of your eBike, meaning that you’ll never forget to take it with you. A good kit will contain: an eBike multitool, a puncture repair kit, tire levers, and a pump. The pump can be bought separately but some ebike tool kits do contain them.


Some people like to have two bicycle pumps, a small one to take with them when they go cycling and another larger pump to keep at home. The small pumps are for emergencies, since they are less efficient and take longer to inflate a tire. Larger floor pumps are designed to stay in your home or garage, but can pump faster due to their larger size. Ideally, you'll have one of each type. Top off your tires regularly to keep them at the proper pressure.

First Aid Kit

If anything happens to you or a riding buddy while you’re out and about you will be glad that you had this. First aid kits are available in many forms so choose the level of first aid kits that suits your needs. There are some out there who recommend a trauma kit over a first aid kit, so that you’re prepared for even the worst eventuality.


Most eBikes cost well over $1000 so it makes sense to secure your investment when you’re leaving it in public. A wide variety of eBike locks are available on the market with a wide range of prices. While it may be tempting to get a cheaper one, the more expensive ones are more theft proof and are a much better thief deterrent. Denago has some ideas on how to lock your eBike effectively, plus some tracking and location services that can help you find lost bikes.

Water Bottle Holder

These are not only for racers and elite cyclists, even if you don’t want to drink while you’re riding a water bottle holder clears up space in your bag and allows you to have your water easily accessible when you stop for a drink. Water is an essential accessory when you’re exercising and, even though you’re riding an eBike, you’re definitely still exercising. Check Emily Werner's tips on hydration to learn what and how much to drink.


Mirrors on an eBike usually go on your left side, because we ride on the right hand side of the road and trail (at least in the USA), and allow you to see what’s coming up behind you. They can be attached to your helmet or to the end of your handlebars and are especially helpful to commuters and road riders. Some riders may wish to install mirrors on both sides of their handlebar for additional safety.


Racks can be found for the front and back of your eBike and eBike manufacturers will often make racks specific to each model of eBike they produce. Needless to say, these are the most suitable racks for your eBike, but there are generic racks out there that fit the majority of eBikes should the manufacturer’s ones not exist.

Adding a rack to your eBike allows you to expand your carrying capacity by attaching bags, panniers, or baskets to carry equipment, tools, groceries, or food. You can even carry camping gear for a "bikepacking" trip on your eBike.


There are many options here and, while you can definitely carry a backpack, having bags that attach to your eBike itself makes your riding experience much more comfortable. For some bags, they are designed to attach to front or rear racks. Other styles attach directly to your eBike without a rack using velcro straps. One of the most popular types of bags, especially for commuters, are panniers. These attach neatly to either side of your tire, just make sure to properly balance out your weight when packing them.

Extra Battery

You can, and should, carry your battery charger with you, but you can’t charge your eBike from a tree. Having an extra battery handy means that you are always safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to run out of juice and can get yourself home.

Cell Phone Mount

If you use your phone for directions when riding a cell phone mount is an excellent tool to securely store your phone in an easily visible spot whilst you’re riding. These attach to your handlebars and there are many options available, from low profile mounts to small bags where your phone slips into a clear pouch on the top. Don't forget to load your mobile phone up with some of the various bike mapping tool apps available before you go!


Trailers for your eBike are available in many forms and can be used for countless things: transporting children, carrying goods, picnics, hunting or fishing gear, and more! There are a variety of styles with different methods for attaching them to your eBike, so do some research to find out which eBike trailer is the right one for you. A trailer can turn your eBike from a recreation device to a tool for work!

Comfort eBike Accessories

Your eBike should already be comfortable and these accessories will just increase your comfort level further:


Whilst every eBike comes pre-fitted with a saddle we are all different, and what works for one may not work for another. There are a countless amount of saddles on the market, aimed at people of all shapes and sizes, at both genders, and at all riding styles. You can swap out the saddle for one that perfectly matches your needs. Talking to an expert at your local eBike shop can help to set you on the right path to getting a saddle that suits you!


Gloves increase your grip and ride comfort, especially if you’re a mountain eBiker or are riding over rough terrain. They’re also a necessary accessory for anyone riding in the winter as they will stop the cold biting your hands and greatly increase your comfort and enjoyment whilst riding, along with the amount of time you can ride for. We hope you never crash, but if you do, gloves can provide an additional measure of protection for your hands too.

Suspension Seatposts

Aftermarket seatposts are available to replace the rigid post that comes with just about every bike with a model that offers some suspension travel. These add a small shock absorber between you and your eBike and are available in many forms, with each one having its own group of advocates. If your eBike is a "pain in the rear", a suspension seatpost can take away road shock and make it more comfortable.

A Final Word

Not all eBike accessories are for everyone, and there’s no need to rush out and purchase all the accessories available for your eBike. However, those that do fit your eBiking needs will enhance your experience to no end and make you want to get out on your eBike more and more often, which is only ever a good thing!

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