Why an eBike is the Fisherman’s Secret Weapon

Why an eBike is the Fisherman’s Secret Weapon

Just one man (or woman), a rod, a body of water, and the peaceful sounds of nature, perhaps early in the morning with a mist dancing across the surface of the river where the fish are quietly rolling. This is the idyllic image that comes to mind when you think of fishing.

Unfortunately, secluded fishing spots and the accompanying idyllic bliss often live far out of easy reach, taking precious time and an extraordinary amount of effort to get to travel to. As eBikes have evolved they have transformed from mere commuter transportation to include a range of all-terrain models that are perfect for enhancing other parts of our lives, including outdoor pastimes and hobbies. Like fishing!

Fishing with an eBike has many advantages, but these are yet to be discovered by the many who have been dreaming of inventive ways to get deeper into the backcountry to the secret spots they’ve only been able to make it out to a few times, carrying the bare minimum of gear. Using an eBike for fishing changes all of that, opening up greater opportunities for fishermen and women around the globe - letting you reach your favorite fishing spot without using a car, truck, or ATV. Here are the top 4 reasons why an eBike is perfect for going fishing!

Explore remote fishing destinations

Fishing with an eBike means that you can travel further with ease, no need to expend energy hiking mile after mile after mile. Battery size is the only real limit to a rider’s range, therefore, it is important that you choose an eBike with a large battery that gives you the range to reach those secluded spots that are rarely fished.

If we’re going to compare, eBikes are better than other modes of transportation usually chosen for fishing because they are more versatile and can travel deeper into the backcountry. Cars can only go so far, and quads are quite limited in some areas by their wide designs. EBikes are narrow, agile, and similarly powerful across rough terrain. You can also ride an eBike in many parks or forests where motorized vehicles are otherwise not allowed. Overall, this means that eBikes have the ability to take you further than you’ve ever been in your hunt for those elusive fish!

The ideal eBike for fishing includes both pedal assist and throttle modes. Choosing an eBike equipped with a throttle allows the rider to have extra help for hauling fishing tackle without pedaling, while keeping the ability to use pedal assist for an extra boost while pedaling.

Reach your favorite fishing hole faster, with less time traveling

Many eBike models ideal for fishing are built as Class 3 eBikes. This means that they can travel up to 28mph on pedal assist and up to 20mph when using the throttle (not pedaling). The 28 MPH top speed on pedal assist is ideal for getting close to your favorite fishing spot on paved roads, while lower speeds can be used on trails or gravel roads when the pavement ends.

With a choice between a throttle and multiple levels of pedal assist, Class 3 eBikes give you the flexibility to choose how much energy you expend traveling to your fishing spot. Most importantly though, an eBike gets you there quicker and allows you to leave later (especially if your eBike has lights on it) giving you more time with a line in the water.

Carry fishing tackle, a cooler, and other gear

Using an eBike for fishing will give you the freedom to be less selective about the gear that you take into the backcountry with you. When you go fishing with an eBike you can take a larger selection of gear with you and some larger items that you may not have taken before (maybe a larger ice chest so you can keep more of your catch even fresher!)

There are specific eBikes accessories for fishing, such as rod holders, however there are many accessories, like racks and bags, that are multifunctional, suiting a trip to, say, the store just as well as they suit a trip to the river. There are also trailers available to help you carry your gear. Towing a heavy trailer on a traditional bike isn't realistic for most riders, but it's possible for everyone with help from an eBike.

Again, having an eBike with a larger battery is key to ensuring that your eBike has the juice to carry you and all your stuff out and back, and some eBikes will have little thoughtful extras, such as lights and USB chargers, integrated into them; this last one means that you’ll always have the juice to take those photos to prove that it happened!

The carrying capacity of many of these rugged, all-terrain eBikes also allows you to pack the stuff for an extended trip, like an overnight, weekend, or longer trip! EBikes remove the need to lug your stuff in and out, open up the possibility for extended camping trips deeper in the backcountry and further off the beaten path in those truly secluded and idyllic spots.

Use an all-terrain eBike to visit hard-to-reach fishing spots

The eBikes that are designed with the fisherman in mind are designed to go anywhere. They offer  rugged, fat tires and suspension forks, enabling travel over rough terrain like dirt and gravel roads, grass, and even snow! This all-terrain capability dramatically expands the places you can reach for fishing.

Many modern eBikes also include head lights powered by the eBike battery. These are ideal at the end of a long day.

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