May is national bike month

May is national bike month

May is National Bike Month - an entire month devoted to bikes! Riders nationwide will be celebrating the many benefits of bicycling. It's a great time to encourage new riders to give bicycling a try, or to get even deeper into riding than you already are. 

Everyone who rides during May 2022 is raising their voice for safer streets, healthy lifestyles, and better wellbeing. 

National Bike Month calendar - May 2022

National Bike Month kicks off May 1st (which is National Ride a Bike day) and all you need to do is ride! Whether you're riding for fitness or recreation, or commuting to work or school, just get out there.

Want to do more? Let's take a look at some of the many events on the calendar for National Bike Month (May) 2022:

  • National Bike & Roll to school day - May 4
    Celebrate by riding or rolling to school on this day.

  • Bike to work week - May 16-22
    This is the week to commute by bike. Already a bike commuting master? Perhaps you can mentor a new rider in your workplace.

  • Bike to work day - Friday, May 20
    If you can only ride to work once, this is the day. Look for special support in your community with guided rides, coffee stops, and participating employers who greet employees arriving by bike with breakfast.

How you can get involved with National Bike Month

Celebrate by using the hashtags #BikeThere and #BikesUnite on social media to let others know you believe in bicycling.

You can also commit to the National Bike Challenge: find a Captain, form a team, and ride to earn points and win prizes. 

Where can I learn more?

National Bike Month is promoted by the League of American Bicyclists, an advocacy organization whose mission is to help create safer roads and stronger communities through education and promotion. They've even got some special information just for eBike riders!

Visit them at


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